Kartoffel Compil #100 : French Fries

Kartoffel Compil #100 : French friesKartoffel Music is a french collective of music enthusiasts willing to share their passion for dope tunes…

Simple & Efficient. We hope you’ll enjoy this 100th Kartoffel Compil’, well accompanied by our official Kartoffel Dj : Pitikli

We met Antoine in Cartagena (Spain) last year. We are a blog, He’s DJ, it was easy to get along well with each other ! This shared passion about Music made us become good friends and partners. That’s why we decided to invite him or this hundredth post on the blog, He accepted to make a long, deep and progressive DJ Set for us. You can follow Antoine’s Stuff following the links below :





Tell us a bit more about who you are and your activities ?

My name’s Antoine, I’m 23 and I’m from France. I’m student, musician, Dj and I also organize my own parties called Insanity in Chambéry (French Alps). I’m making House & Techno Music since 6 years and since last year I’m the official DJ of Kartoffel Music Collective I’m also working on others projects such as Big Event in a city nearby mine made by WeAreModern I have various and many projects upcoming, so if you pass by the French Alps soon, you might be able to catch me playing, who knows ?

How would you describe your podcast ?

I made this podcast in my living room on a sunny afternoon. I wanted to create a warm and hypnotic mood in it, but still something really slow, in order to show the subtility and the deepness of Electronica. You know sometimes people consider Electronica as too fast and too flat, It’s against these two popular misconceptions that I decided to make this mix. To me Electronica is the maybe most various genre of music, just because it includes so many different sounds and influences.


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