Kartoffel Podcast #5 : by Rémi

Kartoffel Podcast #5

The envy for mixer and to share arises from an overflowing passion for the music, but not any music, the one who awakens papillae, the one who increases the addiction and the pleasure.

For Rémi, the addiction takes its source during the adolescence when he goes through the Belgian nightclubs (Zoo Club, Bliss etc.), places where good music is a queen. A track, then two strangers tracks, then three (…), it’s enough to awake the curiosity and the envy to learn what’s the passion of mixer, the pleasure to merge sounds.

A software, a simple controller for DJ, and let’s go, the first ranges are gently made with a strong preference for the progressive music. The sharing of music on the Internet, the interest carried in the published podcasts, the friends who plays on Decibel Station, are so many things which urge Rémi to equip himself with professional equipment.

With new equipment, Rémi is armed and he is gripping an opportunity presented by the French radio Decibel Station, the radio consisted of enthusiasts about the real music, the one who makes smooth, the one who makes dream, and the opportunity shows itself very positive and decisive as time goes by.

 » United in the beat « , the title of its weekly broadcast is a mixture of diverse musical styles, the progressive house, the deep house and the Disco Indie / Nu Disco style, influenced by numerous artists such as Mango, Claes Rosen, Michael Cassette, Compuphonic, Aeroplane and many others. Every broadcast (on Wednesday, 8.00 to 9.00 p.m. GMT+1) is an alchemy about the best tracks of the week, freshly selected since the platforms of electronic music. The addiction is urged to its paroxysm by the permanent envy to renew its playlist and to give some pleasure to the listeners being never satisfied.

“ Golden Vibes”, his another broadcast which you can discover especially for Kartoffel Music, is a purely directed music concept Indie / Nu Disco. This delicious music style, been a part of a taste pronounced for the music of the 1980’s that made him like his parents during his youth. It is so good to be bring to the stars with this kind of music, nice vibes, nice vocal, so many feelings through our mind, our heart, our breath ! That’s all he wanna share with his followers… “Golden Vibes” two hours radio show is broadcasted as one monthly show on the London Fnoob Radio (On each second Saturday of each month, 8.00 to 10.00 p.m. GMT).

Do not especially miss his musical appointements, you won’t be disappointed !

(tracklist on soundcloud)


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